KEsoft logo 75 x 75Just when I thought ebay couldn’t get any worse, they have done something that stops the searches working and messed up the viewing of their pages. I’m all for change if it’s for the better but ebay have really fouled up here. I won’t use ebay any more until they sort out their problems.

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Wiki Still Not Working

KEsoft logo 75 x 75Wiki still isn’t working. It’s been 6 months now since Wiki stopped and turned everybody away.
I did hope that they would see sense and take their website back to what it was.
They won’t do it. So be it.

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Wiki stops working

KEsoft logo 75 x 75Late November 2019 I received a message from Wiki that they were going to exclude everyone from their site.
This is terrible news. Because of this bad decision (made for the latest fashion) I cannot complete any of my (many) projects now.
There is a saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.
I will not be able to update my (many) websites and other things. How could they turn so many people away ? – talk about shooting yourself in the foot!. I certainly will not donate to them ever again (if they’re still around for much longer).

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Clock Case

KEsoft logo 75 x 75Many years ago I built a digital clock. It kept perfect time. I now wanted a new (black) case for it.
I emailed the case suppliers with a simple question (let’s call them V*** from the Hedge End Southampton area). They couldn’t even bother to reply. I guess the clincher was I only wanted one case (not 100,000). Such ignorance – from little acorns grow mighty Oak trees etc.

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Email Change

KEsoft logo 75 x 75I have just changed my email address and have spent a week changing it to the new one on all the sites I frequent.
Some sites insist on getting you to confirm the new address, some send a message to your old address (which usually doesn’t work – why do they do that? – just to be awkward?). It’s an absolute pain to reboot other operating systems to log into the site and enter the activation text. Then there’s the new password (which can contain 1 upper case character, 1 lower case character, 1 special character….) Humph
All in the name of security.

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Answer The Question

KEsoft logo 75 x 75One thing I have noticed when I used various Help Desks is that if you send 2 or more questions, the reply (if there is one) will only answer the first one (sometimes). Sometimes the replyer will just ramble on without actually answering anything.
They usually don’t bother reading the whole text, so the reply is usually pointless. I usually feel like sending a stiff reply – “ANSWER THE QUESTIONS!”.

The trend now is to use pre-written questions so they don’t even have to reply to you. This is one step further than a few years ago when most of the vendors removed all their help phone numbers so they don’t have to speak to you. It’s virtually impossible to contact a real human being.

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Elf and Safety

KEsoft logo 75 x 75After a stint in the local hospital a friend was given an electric motorised bed support.
My friend got better and didn’t need the bed support. I phoned the supplier of the device to ask if they wanted it back. The female I spoke to said they didn’t for “elf and safety reasons”.
I threw the (very expensive) support out. The female clearly didn’t know what this device was and uttered the “elf and safety” mantra and cost her company a great deal of money.
Oh well.

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Help Desk

KEsoft logo 75 x 75I said I would never contact a help desk again.
I decided to give it one last go. I enquired about some paint at my local stockist. A simple yes or no reply was what I was after.
The company in question replied quite quickly but still didn’t answer my question. Two emails later and I still don’t know.
I bought the paint elsewhere.

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Online Shopping Again

KEsoft logo 75 x 75I note all the major supermarkets (Tesco / Sainsburys / Aldi / Iceland / Morrisons / Ocado) have gone overboard with their security (the dreaded HTTPS:) blocking out users. I shall not use online shopping again until they see sense (but I don’t think that will happen). Back to the old way of shopping (if I can be bothered).

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Advertising Waffle

KEsoft logo 75 x 75I have a great pile of magazines and catalogues from the many societies I am a member of.
Each one includes at least one piece of advertising bumpf.

The magazines remain unread as I can’t be bothered to wade through the endless piles of junk.
What really annoys me is shaking the mag and loads of stuff fall out. This guarantees the mag goes straight in the bin.

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